Since 1963, We Have Been

Supporting and Empowering

People Who Suffer from Mental Illness

Welcome to the Mental Health
Association of South Mississippi

Mental Health Association of South Mississippi has been working to support and empower people who suffer from mental illness since 1963.

In response to the presence of stress and mental illness, Mental Health Association of South MS provides resources and support services for those seeking mental wellness and recovery within our community.  This includes mental health, intellectual disability disorder, substance abuse and homelessness issues. Each year the organization serves over 3,900 meals, provides assistance to 250 people experiencing homelessness, provides supportive housing for 15 chronically homeless individuals and provides wellness information to several hundred people.  Five Certified Peer Support Specialists work for the agency; these individuals have lived experience with mental health challenges and can help others in their recovery.

Our Programs

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues.

Homeless Outreach

Evidence shows that most people with significant and complex disabilities can live successfully in integrated community settings with access to affordable housing and services suitable to their needs and preferences.

Drop-In Center

The Opal Smith Drop In Center is a day program for adults with mental illness.  This includes social, educational, and work skills.  Instead of being alone, people fill their day with making friends and gaining confidence.

Mental Health Screenings

Taking screening tests is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition.

Supportive Housing

The supportive housing program that we administer for HUD provides housing for individuals who are chronically homeless who also have a mental illness. 

Peer Support

Mental Health Association of South MS believes in the movement across the nation toward recovery based efforts.  It is important to talk to people about what their goals are in life and what they wish to achieve.


The Mental Health Association of South Mississippi hosts sessions where the general public can learn wellness tools and stress management.

Impact Stories

Our programs are about helping others at a low point in their life

Being homeless is hard.  Can you imagine sleeping outside, yet never really sleeping well because of fear for your safety?  Can you imagine walking to get a meal in the blazing heat?  Can you imagine not having a decent place to use the bathroom and brush your teeth? Can you imagine what kind of trauma would lead you to becoming homeless?  Being homeless is not a choice, it is a last resort when hope is lost.

Opal Smith Drop-In Center was built for the Community

We continue to adhere to COVID guidelines to keep those we serve along with volunteers and staff safe & healthy.  This has been a stressful time for our country.  We are grateful to provide a place of resources and encouragement.  MHASM believes that recovery is possible.  Being a support to others is a big part of that recovery.  Be kind, have empathy.  These are things our organization values.