Introverted? How to Make the Most of It

Those prone to depression and social anxiety can use these tips to make the most of your introversion.

Let go of assumptions

Introverts often wrestle with expectations—from others mostly, at times from themselves—about how they should act in social situations. Let go of assumptions and own your introversion. The best thing to do is to put yourself out there, to step outside your comfort zone, advises James Murch, MA, a licensed therapist in private practice in Nova Scotia. “But people shouldn’t be aggressively trying to change their personality. If someone is introverted, it’s almost inconsistent with the principles of good mental health to apologize for it.”

Practice as an extrovert

The more you do something, especially outside your comfort zone, the easier it becomes for you and the more your confidence is built. Intentionally try and take on things that will help build this comfort i.e. accept invitations to do public speaking, or to go to parties where you might not know anyone.

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