Our Impact

What We Do

Learn about our organization and the impact we have on our local community as well as the individuals we work with.

“I came to MHA about one year ago and it has had a good impact on my life. I was homeless and at time’s I thought about giving up, but, I never did. I was not suicidal and I am very thankful for MHA in the progress I’ve made with my major depression.”
Thanks, DR

“This year has been a most wonderful year full of information from the visiting speakers. We also benefit from our weekly meetings with Ms. Melody and Mr. Chris. Our yearly Christmas Party was fun and greatly shared by everyone.  We are looking forward to this year at the Center.  Many thanks to everyone who has made Opal Smith a safe and happy place to attend.”
Thanks, DT

What We Routinely Do In A Year

  • 25 regular clients 3 days a week at our Drop In Center
  • 3,900 meals to persons with mental illness*
  • 1,000 supply bags to homeless persons on the Gulf Coast*
  • 15 formerly chronic homeless in our HUD Supportive Housing Program
  • 3 bus tickets to get homeless persons back to their families in other states
  • 1,600 bus passes to homeless persons*

* some numbers are approximate and vary

  • 100 mental health providers trained in mental health related activities
  • 5 people supported to obtain employment
  • 75 personalized Christmas gifts distributed
  • 700 people given community resource information via phone*
  • 125,000 individuals exposed to mental health awareness information*

Drop In

  • Artistic expression in different mediums; paint, beading and more
  • Being comfortable in the kitchen – from preparing meals to using kitchen tools and appliances safely
  • Breakfast and lunch Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week for up to 25 people each meal
  • Christmas celebration with musicians and personal gifts
  • Community integration, participation in community events
  • Community speakers on Tuesdays of various topics
  • Computers
  • Creation of handmade greeting cards in packs of 5 available for purchase
  • Dimensions of Wellness monthly topics
  • Disaster safety
  • Diversity – 18+ different mental illnesses and levels of functioning
  • Event planning
  • Family support & special days
  • FUN!
  • Games every week!
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Leadership – Advisory Council
  • Life skills
  • Money and other math skills
  • Paid Contracted work program opportunity
  • Participation in Leadership Academy through MS Dept. of Mental Health
  • Peer run support groups
  • Person Centered
  • Socialization skills
  • Up to 25 clients 3 days a week
  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning
  • Work stipend program


  • 15 formerly homeless in our HUD Supportive Housing Program
  • 1,600 bus passes distributed for doctor and other appointments
  • Annual Christmas celebration with individualized and generic gifts
  • Birth certificates and Identification Cards
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Bug spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer
  • Bus tickets to get back to their families in other locations
  • Case management
  • Connection to medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Family and friends relationship building
  • Group luncheons
  • Hats, coats, gloves, rain ponchos, underwear, socks
  • Life skills
  • Member of Open Doors Homeless Coalition
  • Participate in Project Homeless Connect
  • Participate in the VA Stand Down
  • Payment for mental health therapeutic treatment
  • Personal hygiene items; toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, feminine products, etc
  • Planning for independent living
  • Planning of how to get to a better situation
  • Resource matching
  • Sleeping bags, tents, blankets, tarps, sleeping mats
  • Street outreach
  • Washing powder, safety kits, propane, flashlights
  • Weather preparedness; heat/cold, storms
  • Homeless outreach within other agencies:
    • Back Bay Mission
    • Coastal Family Health Center
    • Feed My Sheep
    • Gulf Coast Community Ministries
    • Loaves and Fishes
    • Our Lady of Fatima
    • Seashore Mission
    • The Salvation Army


Wellness Information

  • Association of MS Peer Support Specialist partnership
  • Collaborative efforts
  • Community speakers on a variety of wellness and resiliency topics
  • Exibitor at health fairs and conferences
  • Open to general public
  • Participate in Employer Resource Events at the Casinos and other employers
  • Printed materials, online resources
  • Speaker and presentation opportunities
  • Stress Management Tools
  • Use of SAMHSA’s Dimensions of Wellness
  • Vendor at different health fairs across south MS

Wellness Recovery Action Planning

  • Advocacy
  • Create an individual plan for wellness
  • Crisis & Post Crisis Planning
  • Early Warning Signs & Action Plan
  • Education
  • General Public
  • Hope
  • How to better deal with difficult life situations
  • Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Providers
  • Support
  • Trauma
  • Triggers & Action Plan
  • Veterans
  • Wellness Tools
  • When Things are Breaking Down & Action Plan
  • Workplace Wellness


  • Biloxi Bay Area Chamber of Commerce member
  • Certified Peer Support Specialists
  • Certified Wellness Recovery Action Planning Facilitators
  • Certified Advanced Level Wellness Recovery Action Planning Facilitators
  • Connection to Research Participation
  • Facebook – MHASouthMS
  • Lighthouse Business and Professional Women member
  • Member of Open Doors Homeless Coalition
  • MS Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce member
  • Public Relations Association of MS member
  • Personal Outcome Measures Team member
  • Printed material distribution
  • Speakers Bureau
  • State affiliate for National Mental Health America
  • State Outreach Partner for National Institute of Mental Health
  • Twitter – @mhasouthms