Peer Support

Don't Stand Alone, Be With Others Who Will Stand With You

Mental Health Association of South MS believes in the movement across the nation toward recovery based efforts.  It is important to talk to people about what their goals are in life and what they wish to achieve.

Mental Health Association of South Mississippi set the trend in Mississippi by being first to employ people who have personal experience in recovery from mental illness to guide others in their own recovery.  Our strategy is to facilitate education and peer activities related to wellness and recovery.

The services to be provided by Peer Support Specialists include things like the following:

  • assisting in the development of strengths-based individual goals
  • serving as an advocate, mentor, or facilitator for resolution of issues that a peer is unable to resolve on their own
  • assisting in the development of rehabilitation goals
  • developing community support
  • providing education on ways to maintain personal wellness and recovery
  • providing education on mental health navigation
  • provide assistance in applying for a job or school
  • provide assistance in finding better housing.

Through our work with SAMHSA, we continue to work with the Association of MS Peer Support Specialists to help them continue to grow the Peer Movement in Mississippi.